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"R11e-LTE6" low speed.

Sat Oct 08, 2022 12:38 pm

Just bought "R11e-LTE6", tried in it different provider sim cards. I am from Sweden, tried Teli provider, internet speed 170/45, ping 25, but problem tower is like 1km close and its unstable, time to time disconects. But now i have got Tele2 sim cards, tower about 2-3km, i got signal all ok but speed is so low, 100/35, ping 30 but same time i put same sim card iPhone12 and there is like 220/12, ping 50.
Why R11e-LTE6 gets so much lower speed? I have tried everything in router setting, has updated lte drivers all is up to date. Tried cell lock, whit that speed gets even lower, because disappears CA BAND. IS it possible do cell lock, but same time keep using also CA BAND? Here is my signal numbers: RSSI -47 dBm, RSRP -70 dBm, RSRQ -8.5 dB, SINR 12 dB.
Don understand why in iPhone speed is so high but with "R11e-LTE6" so low, same time in phone is only 2 bars of signal. Thank for your answers.
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Re: "R11e-LTE6" low speed.

Fri Oct 21, 2022 4:46 pm

iPhone 12 is CAT20 or 5CA
R11e-LTE6 is CAT6 or 2CA

iPhone has the same modem as the MikroTik Chateau 5G.

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