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Gigabit SFP eth module not detected (CR305-1G-4S+IN)

Mon Oct 10, 2022 3:17 am

Hi there,

Just started up my device. GLC-TE-AO modules are not being detected by the CR305.

Tried swapping for a new module, that changed nothing. Tried changing ports, still nothing. Tried different tested cables. Tried setting everything to 1Gbps instead of auto, still nothing. Remote host consistently shows no carrier except on one occasion- the port lights up during boot and the connected system shows successful autonegotiation, until boot is completed, then it is offline.

Nothing in logs showing the module coming online. Vendor information showed up once, but then disappeared.

Module info:
COPPER, 100M, RJ-45
SKU: 11533258
Rev: D2 495479
Any ideas?

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