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EOIP with two Subnet

Sat Oct 15, 2022 1:37 pm

hi all guys I always read this forum but I rarely write as I am a simple fan of Mikrotik and ROS;) I need a hand to have Layer2 traffic between two remote LANs both with HAP AC2 keeping the Subnets different.

Scheme; LAN1 <--- EOIP ---> LAN2

Subnet LAN1
Subnet LAN2

I would like to keep the Subnets separate and each LAN its own DHCP Server so that I don't have to depend on each other and pass Layer2 traffic (DLNA, find devices etc). Over time I have done various tests but I only get to the point that to make everything work I must necessarily have a single Subnet and a single DHCP Server. For now I don't consider Zerotier as I still want to keep ROS6. Is it possible to do what I ask?

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