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Coming from UI EdgeOS: Can I replicate my setup in RouterOS?

Tue Oct 18, 2022 12:48 am

Hi all!

I'm currently using an EdgeRouter.

I want to replace the EdgeRouter with a CCR2116-12g-4s+

I've never used Mikrotik's RouterOS before, but I have used Cisco IOS and Juniper JuneOS.

~~~The TL;DR is~~~
My concerns are:
Can I do PPPoE over a vlan?
Can I do NAT on PPPoE on a VLAN?
Can I do fail-over with two WANs (one using PPPoE) and two NATs?
Can all this be done over VLANs on an LACP link with two bonded connections?

Some more details:
My EdgeRouter is currently running with two bonded channels over LACP to my two core switches that are in a virtual chassis together.
Switch member 0 has an untagged access port on VLAN 110 to my WAN1 ISP's modem
Switch member 1 has an untagged access port on VLAN 120 to my WAN2 ISP's modem

The LACP bond has 2 channels, one to each switch member, with 4 vlans on it:
- vlan110 - that carries WAN1 traffic, that uses PPPoE and is NATed
- vlan120 - for WAN2 that is also NATed
- vlan3 - for the guest network with it's own Firewall that will go out to WAN1/WAN2
- vlan0 - (untagged traffic) that will go through WAN1/WAN 2.

I also have fail-over set up to switch between routing to WAN1 & WAN 2, prioritizing WAN1.

Can I do this all with RouterOS and the CCR2116-12g-4s+?

WAN1's connection is symmetrical 3Gbps fiber, and I'm trying to make better use of it since my EdgeRouter is only 1Gbps.


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