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Recursive Routing and two active WAN links? how to do it?

Sat Oct 22, 2022 10:43 pm

Hello Mikrotik community, as i newbie i am looking for solution or some reading instruction how to do it...

I'm providing a picture of my problem Image

I have 2 WAN connections
1)Skytel -50mb/ps, no public ip as you see, inside ISP NAT is done, very difficult to use DST-Nat as i have to call ISP and ask them to open ports, even to start L2TP i have to open its ports

2)Silknet-Backup-a backup Wan, only 6mb/ps- i use it in case first fails, works fine. got Public IP, but link is slow

3) Radio backup, but we don't use it.

This recursive routing Failover works perfectly, tested it and works nice....but the thing is that my 2nd passive Failover link "Silknet" is in passive mode, i want to make it always active to access it from it's public ip, or even to put L2TP VPN on that public ip and not to call the 1st ISP to open the ports and bla bla bla.....

P.S I have tested L2TP vpn and other services on 2nd connection which have Public ip and works everything fine.....the problem is with 1st ISP where NAT is done somewhere on ISP

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