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Basic VPN, DHCP and clients

Sun Oct 23, 2022 10:15 am

Hi all,

i have replaced my TP-Link router on which i installed dd-wrt so that i was able to use the PPTP VPN connection. I had a range for DHCP from 230-250.

On a local server i entered that IP range into the windows firewall inbound rules, rule Remote desktop - user mode (tcp-in). so only the IPs entered here
can connect via remote desktop. And everything was working fine.

Now with mikrotik, that range doesn't work. Even thought the client gets one of the IPs in the range, lets say 235, it does not connect to the remote desktop.
So i am guessing the clients are still presenting themself with their original IPs and no with the one from the VPN connection. Is there a way to solve this
and get VPN to work the way i had on TP-Link?

I solved this problem, for now, with adding this line to the firewall rule:
Predefined set of computers - > local subnet


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