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Connecting 3 routers with Ethernet cable

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2022 2:21 pm
by nikodem
Good afternoon to everybody,
I am a Mikrotik beginner seeking for help from the community.

I have three routers:
- 1 x Mikrotik Chateau LTE 12
- 2 x Mikrotik hAP ac lite

I would like to extend my home network and using Ethernet cable connect 2 x Mikrotik hAP ac lite (using their ETH1 ports) with Mikrotik Chateau LTE 12 ports ETH2 and ETH3 accordingly.
I would like all devices to work under one LAN.
All three devices should be able to accept end devices using free ETH ports and wirelessly.
Internet access everywhere.

Mikrotik Chateau LTE 12 is currently set in QuickSet mode: HOME AP DUAL LTE

Mikrotik Chateau LTE 12:
Mikrotik hAP ac lite-A:
Mikrotik hAP ac lite-B:

DHCP pool:

Thank you in advance for your help in setting up the connection.