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Help with AP purchase decision

Fri Oct 28, 2022 1:11 pm


Which MikroTik product would you recommend for the following scenario:

I have RB5009UGSIN as my router (planning to upgrade to the UPr version, but this is less relevant) and a Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Lite access point, but planning to replace it with a MikroTik Wifi6 AP once out.

I'm looking for a wifi extender. The access point would be in repeat mode. I've got to be able to provide a signal through a triple-pane window + some 25-30 meter distance to my car which is parked outside of my apartment building. No obstacles other than the window. I could also place the AP inside the window in which case there's only 1 sheet of glass to attenuate the signal. I don't have an rj-45 socket close to the window so the AP needs to operate from mains (220V) and it needs to be connected to another AP as the 5009UG router doesn't have wireless. And I'd like to control it eventually with Capsman.

Use case is to remote control (on/off) an in-car heater through a smart home electric plug that's connected to a 220V electric post. Traffic volume will be super low. I don't have room at the electric post to split 220V to two devices so I cannot have a receiver antenna etc. there.

I realize the smart home plug should also transmit strong enough, but I've already tried this with my old LinkSys WRT320N router with DD-WRT firmware and it worked...with a lot of tweaking and re-installing...until it just stopped working again. I don't want to re-try as it takes too much time.

I cannot place the AP outside as it's forbidden (so no need for weather proofing).

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
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Re: Help with AP purchase decision

Fri Oct 28, 2022 3:42 pm

MT wireless devices can only work as transparent wireless bridge (wifi range extender) when AP is also made by Mikrotik. I'm not aware of any MT devices that would act as wifi repeaters out of the box, but you can configure any MT device to act as one. If AP is not MT device, then the chances to get it work (transparently) are variable ... it might work decently well, but it might be next to impossible to get it working.

How about running home plug just to connect additional AP to your LAN ... so the home plug would be entirely inside your flat? In this case you'll be free to select the most appropriate AP for the job ... which would be something with directional antenna to make (bidirectional) communication with the car as good as possible. Remember, good wireless link is not only about high speed, it's also about robustness of the link.
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Re: Help with AP purchase decision

Fri Oct 28, 2022 4:04 pm

why not continue with previous post you already have??

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Re: Help with AP purchase decision

Fri Oct 28, 2022 4:11 pm

Concur, I would say lobby Mikrotik to make a 60Ghz smart plug! Otherwise your SOL for a consistent working solution.

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