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bgp on main and backup connections

Sun Oct 30, 2022 7:32 pm

hi all, i need to implement a bgp on 2 connections and use a /28 ip class from the same provider: one is main with 5gbps and one is backup with 500mbps. i have a rb4011 router with a 10g sfp on sfp+ port. tried to setup bgp in same way as with 2 different providers, but i don't know if it works or i need to make some extra settings.
from the provider i have 1 private AS number, 2 public ip's (from the connections) with 2 gateways, provider AS number and the public /28 ip's.
just created local AS number instead of the default one, 2 bgp connections with provider AS and output network the /28 ip class

can someone help me and tell me if i need to do more settings, please?

thanks and regards


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