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Mpls Over qinq network

Wed Nov 02, 2022 1:59 pm

Hi this is a diagram of network in IX block,
i have a problem with QinQ, i have wisp network all routed with ospf and mpls, i have many transit, L2 and in qinq, mpls over QinQ is not a problem, but on same interface (different vlan qinq) come clients in FTTH.
clients in fiber have public ip and dedicated pppoe server, wisp client with public ip (different service name) and nat clients come on bridge with horizon isolation at different pppoe server.
the problem is on 1072 end point, i have insert all vlan in use and insert it on bridge,
my idea is filtering qinq, no qinq declared (clients in ftth) come on interface with pppoe server, qinq declared (mpls/vpls)
at now traffic is near at 6 gbps 1072 with os6 is capable of this.
os7 for now is not a option...
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