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Routerboard RBM11G + SIMCOM SIM7600 roaming problem

Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:38 pm


do anyone have some experience with the SIMCOM SIM7600 LTE card in roaming network?

We tested hardware combination of RBM11G (ROS 6.49.7) + SIMCOM SIM7600 at our location with mobile operator
in home mobile network and it works fine -
after using that setup in roaming area the LTE card do not connect to mobile network.
It shows failure message in log > timeout for "AT+COPS=0,0,, " <
I see this behavior already now in several areas and with different operators - so it`s no problem of operator.
Since it left home network (Telekom) it was not online anymore..

The SIM card is not restricted and allowed to do roaming (global) - we use same setup with HUAWEI ME909 without problem.
(At Huawei modem we use AT command to "allow roaming" - but i read SIMCOM card do not need that)

Please find attached log message.

Would be grateful for any help :)
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