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OSPFv3 default route problem

Wed Nov 23, 2022 9:36 pm

Hello everybody.
It has my network for a few years and everything I learned about mikrotik and routing I learned on my own, either on sites or here on the forum. Some time ago I updated my routerboard to version 7 (currently in version 7.6), and I am facing the following problem in Opsfv3: the default route disappears without explanation when there is a change in the table, I disable and enable the interface template between the gateway (bgp) and the rb that does NAT and most of the time returns the default route for the entire network or in some cases for part of the network.
In some cases I need to do the same process in other routerboards in the interface template that interconnect the RB 002 with the RB 51 for example.

Could anyone help with this issue?

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