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Still cannot get v7.6 to share all iBGP routes with v6 neighbor...

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 10:27 pm
by jd603
This was the issue last time I tried to upgrade. The v7 router has lots of BGP routes learned from upstream and it needs to share these routes with its iBGP neighbor. It doesn't by default, I tried adding an allowall output.filter-chain , it didn't do anything. The v7 router is learning all BGP routes from the v6 router and the eBGP peer it has, it's just not sending any iBGP routes. This seems like it can't be correct behavior, what should i check in my config?

0 name="peer7"
remote.address=x.x.x.46 .port=179 .as=xxx13
local.address=x.x.x.45 .port=179 .role=ibgp
connect=yes listen=yes routing-table=main router-id=x.x.x.45 templates=ibgp as=xxx13 address-families=ip

I tried changing the output-filter again (output.filter-chain=allowall) which is just a simple "accept;" and issued an 'resend' command for that peer, now it has ";;; session is stopped" listed and i needed to do a clear stopped command. Now i'm back.

I just don't get it,

I create a new rule with chain=ibgp-out-v6 rule="if (dst in ::/0) { accept; }" and the corresponding ipv4 rule, applied, tried resend, session stopped, unstopped, no change.